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Vokor(Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

      VOKOR PAINTS (KUNSHAN) CO., LTD.is a wholiy owned enterprise of Canada's VOKOR CHEMICALS ENGINEERING CO.in mainland China. It specializes in the producnon of all kinds of industrial floor surface paints while at the same time providing solutions for difficult technical problems encountered by other compames relating to chemical engineering.

      Industrial floor paint is used by all kinds of industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, mechanical manufacturing, electronice, food stuuffs ,light engineering , the automobile industry, aviation and aeronautice industries,thereby providing them with aesthetically-pleasing, clean and safe production Our products design criteria are as follows:

      1.Highly-effective protection on mud floors even when used in highly unfavorable conditions.

      2.Protection against special kinds of regents, floor paints possessing high resilience, together with undercoat sealant which solidify with or without absorption is provided in addjtion to the basic load-bearing capacity, the ability to take knocks and resist corrosive chemicals and abrasion caused by machinery.

      3.To save the enterprie's time by providing operations in swift and timely manner.

      4.Provision of an impeccablc service that is second to none.

      In the event that, during the time a floor is being used, problems arise(with the exception of force majeure),within 2 days'of receiving notification there of , our service technicians will wisit the enterprise in question of find the cause of the problem, propose a remedy and effect such remedy free of charge.


      1.With the powerflu technical backup of Canada's VOKOR CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SPECIALISTS, together with professor Wingodan and Professor Wang as our Senior Consultants, our product research and development proceeds fast and accurate by corresponding completely with regents' molecular weight and molecular strcture,etc, There is broad scope for modifications of products' characteristics capabilities and thus it is possible to fully satisfy the requirements of different clients.

      2.In order to meet the requirements of environmental protection and speedy work implementation, all of our products are of the non-solvent, self-flow variety. This ensures Quick opcrations, at the same time there is no unpleasant smell and the pqint's surface is of high-density, hardness and reslstance, yet pliable.

      3.In view of the fact of the humid weather in South East Asia and southern China, it is necessary that the surface for floor paints being applied must have water content of below 4%.As for our company, we provide undercoat sealant to our customers which solidify with or without water absorption and which, in fact , completely solidify even when applied to mud floors that are full of water. Hence, there is absolutely no need whatsoever to worry about undercoat sealant losing their efficacy owing the constantly changing degrees of water content resulting from weather conditions whilst work is being carried out.

      4.Our products are diveded into five series , used to meet the requirements of different clients:

  • Non-solvent Self-evened epoxy floor
  • Non-solvent Self-evened Floor with Strengthened Fiber
  • Epoxy Mortar Floor
  • Static Electric Conductive Floor
  • High Elatic Fiber-strengthened Floor
      The basic property shared by the above product series is their resistance to acids and alkalis and to knocks.

      Each series can be modified in accordance with clients demands to meet special requirements.

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