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Thin Film Epoxy Coating
Self-leveling Epoxy Coating
Water Based Epoxy Coating
Epoxy Mortar Coating
Highly Anti-corrosive Coating
Anti-Electrostatic Coating
Cleanroom Wall System Coating
Waterproof Coating
Harden Agent Containing Sand-Groud Coating
Self-leveling Cement Coating
Elastic PU Coating

Product specialty

  • Serve different construction method and circumstabce. Easy construct Highly mechanisation.
  • Take product quality as its priority.Fully demonstrate the uniqe understanding of the product and its special characteristic.
  • VOKOR so far has developed 11 categories Products which include 117 types.

Site Survey

  • Check the concrete floor strength,flatness.humidity and the surface shall be free of wax, oil, chalking, hollow areas etc.
  • Study customer"s requirements for load capacities, impact strength, chemical resistance, cleanliness and maintenanec as well as other objective factors effecting the construction.
  • Learn the cause before prescription. It is especially important for a successful construction by conducting a complete survey and evaluation over the site conditions in advance.Repeated application and always-same products on every project shall be avoided.As a propositional scheme grade C30 is minimal for concret floor constructing.

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