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Thin Film Epoxy Coating
>> Self-leveling Epoxy Coating
Water Based Epoxy Coating
Epoxy Mortar Coating
Highly Anti-corrosive Coating
Anti-Electrostatic Coating
Cleanroom Wall System Coating
Waterproof Coating
Harden Agent Containing Sand-Groud Coating
Self-leveling Cement Coating
Elastic PU Coating

Self-leveling Epoxy Coating
Thickness 2-7mm

Concrete Floor

      The surface shall have certain coarseness and reach Grade Sa 2.5. Moderately sandblast the surface to remove the cement particles,dirt, oil. High water content will not harm.


      Where requires chemical resistance, low impact strength and load capacity,such as Pharmaceutical Plant, Electronic Plant,Foodstuff Plant,Printing Plant, Paper Mill, Chemical Factory,Hospital,Office etc.High thermal resistance products in this series are only applicable under instant heat up to 1200oC.


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