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Thin Film Epoxy Coating
Self-leveling Epoxy Coating
Water Based Epoxy Coating
>> Epoxy Mortar Coating
Highly Anti-corrosive Coating
Anti-Electrostatic Coating
Cleanroom Wall System Coating
Waterproof Coating
Harden Agent Containing Sand-Groud Coating
Self-leveling Cement Coating
Elastic PU Coating

Epoxy Mortar Coating
Thickness 3.5-10mm

Concrete Floor

      Extensively sanblast to remove loose mortar particles,dirt,swear.High water content will not harm.


      Where exists uneven surface or high oil contamination in the porous cement.Where requires high impact strength such as Heavy Machinery Plant,Aircraft Service Workshop,Road Roller Factory,Fork Lift Factory,Outdoor Parking Lot,Bursary or other Workshops with high floor water content.Color Series suits application while cleanliness and neatness is required ,such as Super Market,Exhibition Hall,Academy Center,Telecom House or Mail Transfer Center etc.


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